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Imagine this: You speak your time entries to Alexa. When it comes time to run your bills, you email all of your custom, professional invoices with the click of a button. Then your clients simply click a link and pay online. The funds hit your bank account within 24-hours and your ledgers are automatically updated. 

Would that make your life a whole lot easier? Would you be able to boost profits and eliminate expenses? 

We’re betting the answer is “Yes!”

Offer Rules: Offer requires a one-year Rocket Matter contract or greater. Using voice time-tracking requires a separate Tell Tali subscription. You will receive the Amazon Echo Dot if your Rocket Matter account is still active past the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

Through Rocket Matter’s integration with Tell Tali, lawyers can speak their time entries to Amazon Alexa and automatically generate electronic invoices and payment links through Rocket Matter, the world’s first and leading cloud legal software.

Now’s the time to modernize your law practice. If you sign up for a year or longer with Rocket Matter, we’ll send you a free Amazon Echo Dot.  

McKenna Cox

Herndon, Coleman, Brading and McKee

"With Rocket Matter, my timekeeping woes are a thing of the past as I can enter time in my phone right from the courthouse. Also, billing only takes two minutes instead of the whole day, with bills ready to be emailed or mailed to clients at a moment's notice. Clients really like the detailed, itemized statements Rocket Matter produces, and the staff is always responsive and ready to help."

Lawyers love us!

"Great software that makes running your firms easier and more efficient! I have been using Rocket Matter since 2011 and will not be moving away. Tracking cases, recording time, dealing with billing and invoicing are all much easier with Rocket Matter! I am convinced that my firm makes significantly more because of Rocket Matter."

The Petersen Law Firm

Nathan Petersen

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